6 Things A South Jersey Landlord Can Do To Keep Their Tenants Happy

Nobody wants to lose a good thing! You’ve invested your time and money, offered the most up to date amenities possible, and leased your property. Now, by learning these 6 things a South Jersey landlord can do to keep their tenants happy, you can build a reliable and hassle-free stream of steady passive income for … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Foreclosures in South Jersey

An interesting way to invest in real estate is by buying foreclosures in South Jersey. You see it on reality TV shows where investors can pick them up at a low cost, invest some money in repairs and upgrades, then turn around and sell them for a large profit. There are five things you should … Continued

5 People You Need on Your Team As A Real Estate Investor in South Jersey

Teamwork really does make the dream work. If your dream is to become a successful real estate investor, building a supreme team is the first and most important step in realizing your financial goals. A good team should include the following 5 people… including a professional buyer like Jersey Shore Cash Home Buyers who will … Continued

4 Things To Know About Selling Your Distressed Property in South Jersey

One option a homeowner has available as a resolution to at least partly cover remaining debts in this situation is selling the home directly. Listing your home for sale can be burdensome, many owners of distressed properties find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the process. If facing the decision of selling your distressed property in South … Continued

5 Things To Look For When Screening Tenants in South Jersey

By knowing these things to look out for when the time comes for screening tenants in South Jersey, you’ll avoid making a mistake that could be both a personally and financially costly lesson. Call Jersey Shore Cash Home Buyers today to learn more at (856) 475-2576.  While it is common practice to run credit checks … Continued

5 Ways To Know A South Jersey Property Will Be A Bad Investment

Earning dependable passive income through your property investment is the mark of success. In order to be passive, this means very little to none of your time is spent performing daily tasks to earn the income. When you’re investing in property there are 5 ways to know a South Jersey property will be a bad … Continued